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Precision Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Precision Deep Groove Ball Bearing




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Name: precision deep groove ball bearing
Series:618 series, 619 series
inner diameter: 100mm-950mm
outer diameter: 125mm-1250mm

Product Description:

The Precision Deep Groove Ball Bearing is the one of the most representative rolling bearings. it is characterized by the simple structure and the convenient usage. The bearing of this type is mainly used to bear radial load. With a relatively large radial clearance, the bearing possesses the performance of the Angular Contact Ball Bearing; thus, it can also support the axial load and radial load simultaneously in this case. Under the situation when the rotational speed is high and the thrust ball bearing is not recommended, the Deep Groove Ball Bearing can be adopted to support the unidirectional load. Compared with the other kinds of bearings. Compare with other series bearings, the Deep Groove Ball Bearing has lower frictional coefficient and higher rotational speed limit. However, it lacks of the impact resistance and is not appropriate to support a heavy load.
It is applicable to the general machinery such as precision machine, low-noise electric machine, automobiles, motorcycles, etc.


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