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Double-row Tapered Roller Bearing

Double-row Tapered Roller Bearing




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The Double-row Tapered Roller Bearing is mainly used to support the combined load mainly consisting of radial load. It can restrict the axial displacement of the shaft or housing in the two directions; therefore, it can be used as a bidirectional axial locating bearing.

The performance of the outward Double-row Taper Roller Bearing (TDO type) is similar to that of a pair of back-to-back Single-row Tapered Roller Bearings. However, the TDO bearing has less number of parts involved and higher rigidity. Moreover, it is easier to assembly and disassembly. Therefore, it is usually used to support alternating load, such as reducer or coiler.

The performance of inward Double-row Taper Roller Bearing (TDI type) is similar to that of a pair of face-to-face Single-row Tapered Roller Bearings. Compared with the TDO type bearing, it has more compact installation space but lower rigidity. It is usually used as a locating end bearing that is able to support a medium load, such as the locating end of a roll shaft, a reducer, etc.

There is a spacer between the two inner rings of the outward Double-row Taper Roller Bearing (TDO) while there is also a space between the two outer rings of the inward-type Double-row Taper Roller Bearing (TDI). Their radial and axial clearances can be adjusted by changing the thickness of spacer.


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