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70 Series Bearing

70 Series Bearing




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Category: 70 Series Bearing High Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings (Standard)

High Precision

Rolling Element: Steel Balls, Ceramic Balls

Sealed: Yes

Structural Features:

The rings are made of bearing steel with high purity (Electro-slag remelting ESR). The unique technology of heat treatment, cold treatment, and material modifications dramatically increase bearing fatigue life.

Contact Angle: 15°and 25°. Paired bearings can support axial and radial loads.

Cage: Bakelite (outer-ring guided), Nylon (rolling-element guided), Brass, etc.

The Bakelite cage is recommended for the medium or high speed;500000≤DmN≤1000000
The nylon or Bakelite cage is recommended for low or medium speed.
Speed Factor: take the outer-ring-guided Bakelite cage as the standard

Grease: DmN≤1000000 (that is, limit speed N≤1000000/Dm
Oil (minimum): DmN≤1500000


mainly used for precise axial and radial positioning with medium or high rotational speed, high-precision rotation, etc. For example, CNC lathe spindle, grinding machine spindle, grinding wheel spindle, solar machine cutting machine, vacuum pump, precision transmission machinery, etc.


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