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Cylindrical Roller Bearing


Product Overview


The Cylindrical Roller Bearing can bear high radial load, so it is applicable for the rotation with high acceleration and high speed.
The Cylindrical Roller Bearing is the separable bearing, which is easy to assemble and disassemble. According to the row number of rollers, the cylindrical roller bearings can be classified into single-row, double-row, four-row, and full-complement cylindrical roller bearings.


1. Rollers are linearly contacted with the raceway. It has higher axial load ability, which is suitable for the heavy-duty load and compact load.

2. It has low coefficient of friction, so it is suitable for the high speed. Its speed limit is similar to that of the Deep Groove Ball Bearing.

3. Type N and Type NU can move along with axial direction. it can adapt the change of relative position of shaft and housing caused by the warm swallow or installation error. These two types of bearings be used as a support at free ends.

4. The bearing has high requirement for the shaft and seating holes. After installation, the relative declination of axis of outer ring should be strictly controlled in order to avoid the concentration of contact stress.

5. Since the inner and outer ring is separable, it is convenient to assemble and disassemble.

Products feature:

The raceway and rollers are in a geometrical shape. After the improvement, it has a high load carrying capacity. The new structural design of retaining flange and roller’s end faces has improved the axial loading ability and lubricant condition at their contacting areas, which directly increases the performance of bearings.

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