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Harmonic Reducer - Rigid Bearing

Harmonic Reducer - Rigid Bearing




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Harmonic reducer is mainly composed of harmonic generator, flex spline, rigid spline, rigid bearing (Crossed Roller Bearing) and flexible bearing (Thin-section Deep Groove Ball Bearing).

Harmonic reducer is generally used in the fields of robots, machine tool, and aerospace, etc. These fields have high requirements for the precision of harmonic reducer, rigidity, and loading capacity; therefore, the parts inside (including bearings) of harmonic reducers are required to have high production precision and mounting precision.

As for the rigid bearing (Crossed Roller Bearing), the most important is the rigidity, reliability and rotating precision. Before leading the factory, the preload is applied to the rigid bearing in order to make bearings rigid enough.

As for the flexible bearing (Thin-section Deep Groove Ball Bearing), the essential part is the maximum radial deformation.


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