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Single-row Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Single-row Angular Contact Ball Bearing




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The Single-row Angular Contact Ball Bearing can bear the axial load in one specific direction. Its axial loading capacity depends on the contact angle α. The bigger the contact angle α is, the higher its axial bearing capacity will be. The common contact angles include 15°, 25°, and 40°.

The point of contact of Single-row Angular Contact Ball Bearing is not located at the bottom of the raceway. There is a certain axial component force when it bears the radial load, so it is necessary to use in pair or set typically. The number of balls is not restricted by the filling angle of ball. Compared with the Deep-groove Ball Bearing, it can hold more balls; therefore, it has higher stiffness and higher load carrying capacity.

This kind of Single-row Angular Contact Ball Bearings are classified into two types: Separable Bearings and Non-separable Bearings.

The Separable Angular Contact Ball Bearings are available in two basic types: S70000 and SN70000. S70000 has the separable inner ring while SN70000 has the separable outer ring. Since both inner and outer rings can be separately installed, they are applicable to the situation with limited installation space.

The Non-separable Angular Contact Ball Bearings can be classified into the following three basic structures:

α=15°, Type 70000 C
α=25°, Type 70000 AC
α=40°, Type 70000 B

The solid metal cages are typically used in the Single-row Angular Contact Ball Bearings. In some high-speed scenarios, the solid cages are usually made of phenolic resin; however, their working temperatures should not be higher than 120℃.


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