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High speed Tubular Strander & Stranding Machine bearings

High speed Tubular Strander & Stranding Machine bearings




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The High speed Tubular Strander & Stranding Machine bearings developed by our company has formed its own characteristics: high speed, high precision, long service life, low vibration, and low noise.

We can provide customers with a wide range of technical advice and product selections.

From the beginning of designing and developing Tubular, our company took achieving imported bearing performance as our goal. After development of more than a decade, we have developed bearings 61868, 61880, 61892, 61896, 618/530, 618/630, 618/750, 618/850, 618/980, which have gained high recognition and good reputation among our customers.

In addition,N Design used for cable Tubular Strander: The Cylindrical Roller Bearing with  inner ring has two ribs and the outer ring has no ribs.


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