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High speed Tubular Strander & Stranding Machine bearings

High speed Tubular Strander & Stranding Machine bearings




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Tubular Strander Stranding machine bearings developed by our company have formed their characteristics: high speed, high precision,  low vibration, low noise, and long service life,

We design and develop bearings for the Tubular strander to reach a higher standard in this field. After the development of more than a decade, we have developed bearings 61868, 61880, 61892, 61896, 618/530, 618/630, 618/750, 618/850, 618/980, which have gained high recognition and good reputation among our customers.

For the cable Tubular Strander, we have developed a Cylindrical Roller Bearing with the inner ring having two ribs, and the outer ring has no ribs. This type of bearings is fond of customers.

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