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Four Point Contact Bearings (Open, X Type)

Four Point Contact Bearings (Open, X Type)



Thin Section Four Point Contact Ball Bearing can support multiple-direction loads: radial load, double row thrust load, and overturning moment.


Product Description:

Both axial and radial load are weakened for the X-type bearing with ball-installing holes. The rotational speed is restricted because the contact patch between the balls and the raceway is not continuous.

The groove depth of  Thin Section Four Point Contact Bearing is 25% of the ball diameter. Both structures of the deep groove ball and the four-point contact enable the bearings to support radial load, axial load, and moment load. It is like a back-to-back configuration of A-type bearings.

An axial force from right to left acting on the inner ring is delivered to point D through the contact point B between raceway and balls, and then to the outer circle and the support components. A contact angle of approximately 30° formed between the action line BD and the radial centerline of the bearing. Due to the elastic deformation of the load delivery line between balls and raceway, point A and point C are not under the load; thus, the balls can freely roll, and the rotational shaft is vertical to the line BD. When an axial force from left to right acts on the inner ring, there is a similar force delivery process to points A and C.


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