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Taper Roller Bearing


Product Overview


The Taper Roller Bearing can bear both radial and axial loads. Its axial loading capacity depends on the contact angle α (i.e. the angle of the outer ring's raceway). The bigger the contact angle is, the higher its axial loading capacity will be.

The Single-row Taper Roller Bearing can support the radial load and the unidirectional axial load. The bearing can produce an axial force when bearing the radial load; therefore, we can use the other bearing to support the axial force in the opposite direction.

Due to the separable structure, the inner components (consists of rollers, cage, and inner ring) of the Taper Roller Bearing can be separated from the outer ring. Therefore, it can be easily installed onto the shaft seat and the bearing housing.


For the Taper Roller Bearing, the code is 30000. Its structure is separable. Generally, its outer ring and inner components are exchangeable worldwide as long as the size has been mentioned in the Rolling bearings-Radial bearings-Tolerances.

The Taper Roller Bearing is mainly used to support combined load mainly consisting of radial load. Compared with the Angular Contact Ball Bearing, it has higher load carrying capacity and lower limit speed. The Taper Roller Bearing can bear the unidirectional axial load and allows the shaft or housing to displace in only one direction along the axis.

Our Taper Roller Bearings are available in both metric and imperial systems. According to the number of rows, it is classified into different structural types: single-row, double-row, four-row, etc.

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