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Single-row Taper Roller Bearing

Single-row Taper Roller Bearing




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The Single-row Taper Roller Bearing is mainly used to support combined load mainly consisting of radial load. While, the Taper Roller Bearing with a big taper angle (22~31°) is able to bear the combined load mainly consisting of axial load, which is normally used under the situation with axial loads only.

The Single-row Taper Roller Bearing allows the shaft or housing to displace in only one direction along the axis; therefore, it can be used as a unidirectional axial locating bearing. Due to the separable structure, its inner and outer rings can be separately installed, and its outer ring is exchangeable. Therefore, it is easy to assemble and disassemble this type of bearing. During the installation and usage, its radial and axial clearances are adjustable. In addition, the interference fit can be implemented to increase the stiffness of the bearing. The clearance directly affects its performance: the temperature rise is high if the clearance is too small; otherwise, the vibration becomes stronger and the rotational accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably adjust clearance during its installation and usage.

The stress concentration at the surface between each roller and the raceway can cause the premature bearing failures. In order to avoid the situation, the shaft is not allowed to have any angle with the housing holes during the installation. Only when there is a modified line contact between the rollers and the raceway generatrix, a small inclination angle (≤2') is allowed. A radial load may produce an additional force, so two Single-row Taper Roller Bearings are usually installed in the two bearing houses in the face-to-face or back-to-back way to bear the same shaft.

The Single-row Taper Roller Bearings are mostly used for automobile rear axle hubs, main shafts of large machine tools, high-power reducers, conveyor rollers, etc.


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