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Radial Contact Bearings (open, C type)

Radial Contact Bearings (open, C type)



Thin Section  Radial Contact Bearing is mainly used to bear the radial load. It can also take any side of the single direction thrust load, generally assembled with another bearing in use.


Thin Section Radial Contact Bearings C-type has the best performance when the clearance between the balls and the raceway (radial clearance) is smallest.

Under the conditions with a radial load and without any axial load, the force is applied at the center of the ball and raceway contact area in the C-type bearing. To adapt to the operation conditions, sometimes the clearance may be increased or decreased.

Suppose a Thin Section Radial Contact Bearings has a radial clearance more than the standard value under an axial load. In that case, it can obtain a greater contact angle, which can withstand a more significant thrust load. At this time, it should be adjusted with any other bearing on the same structure to reduce the axial displacement under the alternating axial force. With this approach, the bearing is used precisely as an angular contact ball bearing instead of a radial contact bearing.


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