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Bearing types used in Wind power applications: Deep groove ball bearings; Angular contact ball bearings; Thrust roller bearings; Spherical roller bearings; Tapered roller bearings, and cylindrical roller bearings.

Based on research, the electricity generated by wind increased by almost 170 TWh (+11%) in 2020. To attain the 8 000 TWh required in 2030 under the Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario, generation must increase 18% per year during 2021-2030. Onshore wind capacity additions in 2020 almost tripled in China and doubled in the United States.

To adapt to the rapid development of the wind power industry. US HGT is not only satisfied with producing bearings for wind energy industry. We also built the biggest rollers production bass for wind energy in Asia-Pacific two years ago. The accuracy of our bearing steel rollers for the Wind power industry can reach level 1. The bus bar has realized a logarithmic curve. The end face runout is within 0.006mm, much higher than the 0 level standard. The convexity value deviation of each measurement point is controlled within ± Within 0.001mm. The SR deviation of the spherical base surface can be handled within 2%, which accurately ensures sufficient hydrodynamic lubrication conditions between the roller and the bearing ribs and improves the reliable guarantee for prolonging the service life of the bearing.

Our R&D personnel overcomes the production difficulties due to the heavyweight and high precision of this bearing rollers product in tooling, testing, loading, and unloading during the development. After the team’s continuous efforts, the roller elements for bearings used in wind energy finally meets the higher process standards. The successful research and development of this extra-large roller for bearings further enriches our bearing roller varieties and enhances the influence of HG Tech Corp in the Wind power industry.

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