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APPLICATION: Machine Tool Spindles


Bearings in Machine Tool Spindles

The bearings for Machine Tool Spindles must meet the requirements of high speed, high rigidity, and high precision. HGT is dedicated to refining the manufacturing process to meet the long-life needs and environmental protection demand through the years. Therefore, the bearings used in machine tool spindles have been continuously improved and innovated.

Nowadays, machine tools are expected to be more accurate, efficient, and reliable. Machine tool companies invest in high-quality bearings that ensure top equipment performance to remain competitive. The overall purpose of a spindle bearing is to enhance and streamline spindle movement to ensure optimal machine speed and accuracy. HGT has developed hybrid bearings with stainless steel rings and ceramic balls for advanced spindle applications based on high-end our customer’s demand.

The particular bearings types for machine tool spindles are deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings; cylindrical roller bearings; angular contact ball bearings; fine cylindrical roller; ball screw bearings; special bearing machine tools; and special rotary bearings.

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