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APPLICATION: Metallurgical Industry



Bearings for Metallurgical Industry are essential since they are the driving force to the world’s development.  The application fields include wire & bar mills, hot strip mills, cold strip mills, etc. And steel and non-ferrous metals field. Rolling mill bearings work under heavy loads, vibration shock loads, high temperatures, water vapor, dusty environments, etc., very harsh working conditions. To meet the requirements of the metallurgical industry and ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the equipment, HGT tech Corp takes out in-depth research and development from design, material selection, heat treatment, lubrication technology, and other aspects. We have designed and developed more personalized metallurgical bearing products with the working conditions and specific requirements.

Manufacturer Capacity

HGT tech production base was initially set up to produce bearings for the metallurgical Industry, especially aluminum and steel plants. Our specialists have worked with engineers at manufacturers and operation plants for more than twenty years. Our experience is efficient and safe to increase production speeds while maintaining outstanding production.

Rolling mill bearings typically use four-row cylindrical roller bearings to support radial loads, thrust roller or thrust ball bearings, and radial, angular contact ball or radial roller bearings to support axial loads. HGT provides you with rolling mill bearings and related products and services to make your rolling mill working environment more comfortable, product quality more reliable, save production costs, increase production and efficiency, increase equipment operating time, and reduce maintenance costs.

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