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APPLICATION: Robot Industry


Thin section bearings for the robots industry

The thin section bearing for the robot is crucial for the robot’s operation stability and repeat positioning accuracy. Reliability of work has an important influence on key performance indicators. At present, robots use more bearing, such as thin section deep groove ball bearings, thin section angular contact ball bearings, thin section four-point contact ball bearing and thin section crossed roller bearing, etc. Due to the thin-walled four-point contact ball bearing and thin-walled cross roller bearing being under combined load capacity, high precision, small friction torque, lightweight, stable running, etc., is applied to the waist of the industrial robot, elbow, wrist, etc.

1. The industrial robot in the form of a thin-walled four-point contact ball bearing structure
Industrial robot for thin-wall four-point contact ball bearing with seals usually doesn’t take the seal ring structure. It mainly consists of the inner and outer ring, cage, balls, or non-contact seal. Inner and outer are based on the overall design. The steel ball in contact with the inner and outer channel is a four o ‘clock cage for the crown plug-in structure. Suitable for installation in industrial robot wrist, elbow joints, etc.

2. The characteristics of the thin-wall sealed four-point contact ball bearing
(1) Cross-section is small, lightweight. Thin-walled sealed four-point contact ball bearing outer diameter and inner diameter is small, small roller diameter, number, compared with the standard of the same diameter bearing the weight of about 5% of the standard bearing, the cross-sectional area of about 20% of the standard bearings.

(2) Bearing cross-section remains the same. Thin-walled four-point contact ball bearing series have the same cross-section and do not change with inner and outer diameter change.

(3) The width is small, load-bearing. Thin-walled sealed four-point contact ball bearing can bear radial load, two-way thrust load, and tilting moment, the equivalent of two sets of back-to-back installation Angle contact ball bearing. Still, the width is only equivalent to an angular contact ball bearings group.

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Robot RV reducer bearing applies small-ball and high-rigidity design, equipped with nylon cage with low friction coefficient. The inner and outer rings use ZGCr15, which is a high cleanliness bearing steel, fitting with the unique heat treatment process, cold treatment process, material modification technology, and specially processed roller path with higher precision, making this kind of bearings have a high bearing capacity, high rigidity, low friction torque, long life, and high reliability. Under normal conditions,  the precision life of bearings can last longer than 12,000h.

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