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APPLICATION: Robot industry

Applications and solutions


The development of modern industrial robots has the trend of lightweight and long life. Bearings should be installed in limited space, thus bearings must be small in volume and light in weight. Meanwhile, robots have high load, high rotation accuracy, high operation stability, high positioning speed, high repeatability positioning accuracy, long life and high reliability, which requires robot bearings to have high bearing capacity, high precision, high rigidity, low friction torque, long life and high reliability.

Classical Cases

Robot RV reducer bearing applies small-ball and high-rigidity design, equipped with nylon cage with low friction coefficient. The inner and outer rings uses ZGCr15 , which is a high cleanliness bearing steel, fitting with special heat treatment process, cold treatment process, material modification technology and specially processed roller path with higher precision, making this kind of bearings have high bearing capacity, high rigidity, low friction torque, long life and high reliability. Under normal conditions,  the precision life of bearings can last longer than 12,000h.

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