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APPLICATION: Medical Industry


Custom designed Bearings for Medical Devices

The bearings for medical instruments used to analyze biological samples such as blood, urine, and tissues play a central role in the medical industry. The accurate diagnosis results offer doctors clear evidence to make the correct therapeutic approaches. These medical devices handle hundreds of samples each day. And rely on high-quality parts to operate smoothly and safely—especially the moving parts, bearings. For years, we have produced bearings for the research prototype and OEM medical devices. And we have gained a lot of experience in this field.

HGT Tech has been developing bearings for medical instruments for over a decade, particularly in thin section bearings and hybrid precision bearings.  As a professional bearings manufacturer, we always collaborate with the engineering team from the customer side to design and select the best suitable bearings for medical instruments they are working on. Our expertise in approaches and technically trained personnel will closely with the medical device manufacturer to their prototype test success and produce a mass quantity in time. HGT bearings provide a range of bearing products tailored to the demanding applications of the medical industry, including surgical and dental tools, diagnostic and laboratory equipment, pumps, and much more. The variety of four-point contact bearings and thin slewing ring bearings can meet multiple types of loads and your specific performance requirements.

Bearing characteristics:

High purity steels
Ceramic balls or steel balls
ABEC3, ABCE5,  ABCE7 , ABCE9 precisionprecision grades
Extra cleanroom assembly

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