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APPLICATION: Metallurgical Industry

Applications and solutions


Application Fields

wire & bar mill, hot strip mills, cold strip mills, section mill,sendzimir mill, continuous casting machine supporting bearing and mill machine and fields of bearing block for rolling mill.

Manufacture Capacity

Can provide 400 kinds of bearing specifications and 30,00 sets of bearings to customer.

Classical Cases

The successful development of long life work roll bearing


Our company specializes in rolling mill work roll bearing field research, the purpose is to provide customers with easy to use solutions. Always send technical staff to the client to obtain the main information, and promptly deal with questions, consult experts advice. And after years of efforts to develop long life work roll bearings, but also to solve the work roll bearing combustion problems, access to a lot of customers highly recognized.


We started from the selection of bearing structure, combined with Henan University of Science and Technology, the use of finite element design, analysis and apply polymer materials to the bearing, from the bearing processing technology to the detection technology and heat treatment process, have achieved fixed management.


In 2007, a well-known aluminum processing enterprises in a 1650 four-roll cold rolling mill for the first time the test, the bearing run a year without a set of damage (the original bearing life of 2-3 months). The company was very satisfied that in the spring of 2008 they asked us to upgrade the remaining four rolling mills. The use of long life work roll bearings, not only the bearing disassembly and installation is simple, and the aluminum plate quality greatly improved. In 2010, the company increased the rolling mill speed from 600 m / min to 900 m / min, and the employee’s revenue increased by one third, achieving a win-win.


Since 2009, our company has hundreds of cold rolling mill work roller bearings for technological transformation, has been highly recognized by customers, products from Henan Province to the surrounding areas of the proliferation. Such as Hunan, Zhejiang, Guangzhou, Guangxi.


In 2013 our company decided to carry out long-life work roll bearings from aluminum processing enterprises to steel six roll equipments. At the beginning of the year, a large-scale steel belt enterprises in Zhejiang gave us a chance to use bearings on a 1250 six-roll mill. According to original work roll bearing data, the average life is 360 hours, they require our company’s bearings life must reach 3600 Hour and then assume costs if technical change. But the result is that we provide long life work roll bearings life up to 4800 hours. In mid-2014, They have asked our company to transform the seven-stage 1250 six-roll mill work roll and four 1450 six-roll mill work roll bearings. So far, all long life work roll bearings have exceeded 4800 hours and our company has been raised excellent bearing suppliers.

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