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Lubricant selection guides of thin section bearings

2019/07/18 16:00 USHGT

As everybody knows that bearing’s Lubricants serve several important roles, especially for thin section bearings with a very thin wall. The functions of Lubricants are not only including protecting bearing surfaces from corrosion, the Lubricants are also reducing friction and preventing metal-to-metal contact between balls and raceway etc. Lack of lubrication or inadequate lubrication is the most common cause of bearing failure. This could cause a manufacturer to fully shut down and take a group of engineers to dig out this problem for a long time. That is why selection of suitable lubricants are very important. We recommend considering the proper grease as early as you could, even during the design stages.

Differential pinion shaft bearingHGT thin section bearing standard open (unsealed) bearings are shipped with only a light oil as a corrosion protector. You must lubricate these bearings with the appropriate grease or oil for your application. Sealed bearings are shipped as standard practice with 20% - 30% fill of MilG-81322 grease. Through many years of production experience in thin section bearings, we have tested a lot of greases made by different manufacturers. Every brand has their own characters, now I gave an example from Klüber.

As a professional grease and oil manufacturer, Klüber does not have a specific recommendation for thin section bearings. However, as a thin section bearing manufacturer, we tested greases from Klüber.The Klüberquiet BQH 72-102 showed excellent results during our tests in term of noise lowering capability.  We will have test result and video published late on.

Klüberquiet BQH 72-102 is a synthetic high-temperature lubricating grease. Due to the careful selection of product components and the clean manufacturing environment, Klüberquiet BQH 72-102 is a thin section bearing grease with a particularly low noise level. Klüberquiet BQH 72-102 offers excellent performance characteristics thanks to a high-quality ester oil, a new polyurea thickener and special additives. It is special in that it combines high-temperature resistance and extreme purity.

For the lubricant selection of thin section bearings, the final selection of proper greases is relied on your actual application. According to parameters which like speed, torque, temperature and designed life span etc., Our team will give our suggestion and test it at our manufacturer to confirm our recommendation. Please contact us at [email protected],. For detailed information about our thin section bearings and related grease concerns, please visit our website. www.ushgt.com.


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