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Metric & Inch Thin Section Bearings (Thin Bearings metric)

2019/10/24 14:45 USHGT

Thin section Bearings were developed to solve the actual challenges when conventional ball bearings can’t solve. As the name, thin section bearing implies the difference between inside and outside diameters of the rings has been minimized or thinned out. Typically, the cross section is twice the ball diameter, and nominal dimensions are usually given in inches, but manufacturer also can make them in metric format which depends on customer’s choice. The applications of thin section bearings are most used at where space is limited, and the loading and weight have specific limitations as well.

Thin Section Bearing HKA055X Four Point Contact Bearings 
ID: 127mm       OD: 139.7mm

ID: 5.5 inch      OD: 6 inch

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