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In Stock : HKA047XP0 Thin section bearing

2020/09/28 13:57 USHGT

Specifications HKA100X Thin section bearing

Introduction :

Type: Thin Section Four-point Contact Ball Bearings, also called X Type

Structure: there are two centers of raceway radius on each side of the raceway, both of which are deviated from the center line of balls. This structure forms a four-point contact between the balls and the raceway of X-type bearings.

Type ID OD L1 L2 weight qty contact
HKA047XP0 4.75inch 5.25inch 4.936inch 5.064inch 0.104kg 30 Send Inquiry 

Loads: able to withstand radial load, axial load and moment load.

Application: UAV equipment, shipborne radar, vehicle radar, servo motor, medical equipment, 3D printer, robot, photoelectric tracking, etc.

Quality Assurance: Our manufacturer is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Other than our own quality control, and we also work with some famous international third parties, such as SGS  etc. in order to insure our bearing qualities based on customer' requirements.

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